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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Flower Headbands

This is a head or hairband... I don't know which is which, to be honest. But it was my first try on a crochet flower, a pattern I followed on youtube videos by Teresa. Her tutorials are very precise and also easy to follow.


I fell in love with it right after it was completed. It gained attentions and many beautiful compliments from people easpecially from little girls at the playground :-)

Link to Teresas flower tutorial pattern.

When done with the flower, make two seperate chain, each long enough to fold in two to the length that is fitting around your head. They should look like big loops. Then tie the chain loop made at two sides on the petals. You done!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Knitted Beanie Hat

With no sign of winter in England, I still made myself a warm knitted beanie. Yes, it's knit this time! I've missed knitting so so much and so I decided to make myself a beanie! :-)

This is pattern is called the Stimulated Cable pattern. I got it free from the site Knittingonthenet, the baby hats section.Very easy and fun to make. I urge crocheters to try their hands on pointy needles...It's easy, fun and would be done in no time! :-)

Tried my best to make the stitch look clear on the picture...

Click on the link to access Stimulate cable stitch pattern.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


A special beret made for a special friend of mine on her 21 Birthday. My initial idea was to make her a cowl which I did, but the yarn was not enough to give it a proper finish but she loved what I gave her all the same, together with the beret.

I started with a simple flower like pattern in the middle and proceeded with the V stitch pattern. I couldn't find models to help me take photos of my work therefore I didn't have any other option than to find other ways to make took get them to look good. So the grass and the bench came in handy 

To give it an interesting look I sew in pearls to give it a fancy elegant look. On the other hand, it looks rather chrismasy but in a good way. :)

I also added gold metalic crochet yarn on the flower to give the beret a glamarous look...Hope its impressive...

I couldn't resist adding a pearl on the twirly flower.