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Friday, 1 July 2011

Flower Purse

Flower Purse

I made this lovely purse/bag for my little niece for her birthday and she loved it! I was happy to see the happiness on her face when she unwrapped it. For me its all about the excitement and what they think about my works

The huge flower in the centre of the purse is a freeform pattern I made up and everything else. To be honest I decided to make it look like a purse I saw in Primark and I thought it looked beautiful. It was round shaped just like mine, but the flower and the bag was made of leather. This flower, though, is what make it distinct from Primarks version...And of course, the yarn. However, it didn't come out exactly the same as I hoped for but I like mine better, I must say :)

I love to use trees too...They show that they too can be of use in my crochet fashion world...Lol. Kind of...

It's realy hard to find a model. I had to use a garden bench to take photos of many of my projects works. But the bench is working it! What can I say? :-)P

Everywhere I go I had to hang there!

The garden flower pot too had a turn to fashion with work! ;)


  1. Hi fabulous bags and l adore that skirt
    Love your crochet ideas
    Hugs x

  2. Hi Benedicta
    beautiful work

  3. Very lovely bag, reminds of a pretty chrysanthemum!

  4. Uhooi,,
    This bag is very pretty, nice and creative,,

  5. Hola Benedicta:
    hemos visitado tu Blog
    y eres prospecto ideal para el galardón
    "Premio al Blog original"

    (no es cadena de premios, no es necesario aportar nada aparte solo del contenido del Blog, no necesitas comprar, ser votado ni publicidad)

  6. Very cute purse. Looks very cheerful.

  7. hallo Benedicta,
    herzlichen Dank für Deinen Besuch im Drosselgarten und für's *Einloggen* in meine Leserliste, ich freu' mich sehr!!

    die Handtasche ist sehr hübsch, die Rose darauf wundervoll, ich liebe Rosen!!

    liebe Grüße zu Dir von Traudi

  8. hello Benedicta,
    love your Flower Purse. The colours are amazing. I saw such a bag at Knitty or Crochet me, I don't know anymore.

    Very cute.
    Have a nice weekend. And thanks for following

  9. Hey :)
    thank u for the follow....and yeah i really love what i see here...cute bag and ur skirt is awesome....keep on hooking :D
    greetz from sunny germany ....van :)

  10. Thanks for the Follow (:

    Your Purse looks so cute! Is this a Freestyle Project or did you use a Pattern?

  11. thank you all for your lovely comments! Its a freestyle project i did. :)

  12. Very cute!! Nice work! God Bless!

  13. Hola. Te ha quedado precioso y original¡¡¡¡
    Un saludo.


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