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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fiona Baby Sundress

 I just finished this dress today. I got the pattern on youtube but very pink. It quite simple and ver pretty to make. I decided to make one for my new niece...something to go with her cardigan..I used acrylic yarn instead of cotton which is much i deal n for you to get a defined pleat. However just wanted something to do whiles doing nothing at home so I used spares that I have :)

Keep promising myself a new camera to take pictures of my works. I will soon so i don't have to edit and make the colours look different.

This is the link to the pattern on youtube. Hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Knitted Baby Cardigan

I just became an aunt to another niece! Exciting! She's so adorable and cute. I wish I could get a photo of her but they live quite far from me. She's six months and growing like nobody's business. I made her this cardigan I saw on Drops design's- webpage and made a few pages. Its the first time I tried my hands on baby projects in knitting. I finished it within 3 days. Came out looking pretty and cute! I hope she loves it but most of all I hope it fits her as I could not get her measurements. :-/




Cardigan in progress :-)

Monday, 2 January 2012


Hello Everybody! Gosh! I've been away for weeks to months and haven't been able to create anything. Been ill for sometimes and during reasting days I took time to make a dress gown for an old Free Spirit doll that I made for yet again my niece but this one is different. I used spare yarn...I had a bright cherry red yarn I wanted to raid of, but it cam in handy when I decided to add it as a theme...

I named her Olivia, but I don't know what name the owner will give her though I think Olivia.

I used HTC Chacha to take these photos and I must say its  a great phone...but not when it comes to images... :-/ The colours are not too bad I think...My niece loved the dress so I got excused with the brightness of the the colour

She looks very pretty here. Sad I still do not own an proper digital camera... :(