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Friday, 11 April 2014

Shinny things

I made these two for dinner outing. I just love things that sparkle! :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pentagon Shaped Earring

I've been looking at other ways to make a crochet earring look pretty. So I thought I'd use sequin to give it a bit a sparkles to see how it'd go and this is what it looks like on my pentagon earring. I am thinking proberbly it'd look better on a different design but so far it doesn't look bad on the pentagon.Initially I wanted to make a hexagon shaped earring but this pentagon version does not look too bad. I hope I do more shapes and post it up...Hope you like it! :)



It's hard to find model so I had to use a nearby tree...Hope you like it :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sunny Style Earrings

To be honest I do not know what name to give this pair of earrings. I love working with peacock colours for earrings they turn out very beautiful. They feel light on the ear. Hopefully, I'll find more time to do more and see what other ones I can come up :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Yay! I made another pair of earrings. Did not like the colours first but like crochet, you never see till you've finished it (my mum always say). :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Peacock Earrings

It has been a month since I produced a finished work. This time I decided to make a set of earrings with peacock colours. It looks quite simple and I added the beads to give it a bit of weight so it feel like a normal piece of earring. I hope it looks good to the eye. :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Earring Accessory

Hello, friends! Got to make myself an accessory for myself. its quits simple. Its my first time working with beads on crochet. I did not bad at all. ;-)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Knitted Cowl

Made something for myself this time and its knitted cowl. I used Serenity wool (I hope im right) and its been keeping me warm this winter because of its chuncky size. I'd wanted to make it bigger but my budget was low and I could only afford two balls. Moreover, Hobby Crafts its miles away from where I live so cannot pay regualr visit to the store even if I wanted to :(. It was my first project in the new year after I being discharged from hospital in early January. I was happy to be back home and knitting as well as crocheting. Missed my hobbies :)

The pattern is quite simple. I used garter pattern at both ends and Stockenette stitch in the middle. I also added strings so that you can adjust the cowl to your comfort. I like to have my scarfs very wrapped around my neck at times, so I thought that should come in handy. :)


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fiona Baby Sundress

 I just finished this dress today. I got the pattern on youtube but very pink. It quite simple and ver pretty to make. I decided to make one for my new niece...something to go with her cardigan..I used acrylic yarn instead of cotton which is much i deal n for you to get a defined pleat. However just wanted something to do whiles doing nothing at home so I used spares that I have :)

Keep promising myself a new camera to take pictures of my works. I will soon so i don't have to edit and make the colours look different.

This is the link to the pattern on youtube. Hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Knitted Baby Cardigan

I just became an aunt to another niece! Exciting! She's so adorable and cute. I wish I could get a photo of her but they live quite far from me. She's six months and growing like nobody's business. I made her this cardigan I saw on Drops design's- webpage and made a few pages. Its the first time I tried my hands on baby projects in knitting. I finished it within 3 days. Came out looking pretty and cute! I hope she loves it but most of all I hope it fits her as I could not get her measurements. :-/




Cardigan in progress :-)

Monday, 2 January 2012


Hello Everybody! Gosh! I've been away for weeks to months and haven't been able to create anything. Been ill for sometimes and during reasting days I took time to make a dress gown for an old Free Spirit doll that I made for yet again my niece but this one is different. I used spare yarn...I had a bright cherry red yarn I wanted to raid of, but it cam in handy when I decided to add it as a theme...

I named her Olivia, but I don't know what name the owner will give her though I think Olivia.

I used HTC Chacha to take these photos and I must say its  a great phone...but not when it comes to images... :-/ The colours are not too bad I think...My niece loved the dress so I got excused with the brightness of the the colour

She looks very pretty here. Sad I still do not own an proper digital camera... :(

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Amy doll

 Hello again!

Been a while since I made a new project. I haven't come up with anything new this month but I came up with something for my niece. I decided to make her a doll, which I named Amy. Hopefully she likes the name as much as the doll.

Dolls are other favourites of mine and I enjoy making them for my nieces. I first got the hand of it by following Beth Webber's Free Spirit amigurumi tutorials. Theres where I learnt all I can about dolls, and decorating them.I have had interest in them ever since. 

I made the to be worn inside out too. Must say, crocheting with crochet cotton takes me quite a lot of time but they're always pretty in the end.

And I cannot stop myself from taking photos of her! :)

This work is a mixture of 'Magdalena doll' with facials similar to Beth's doll making
Shes just too cute!

This is Beth's link. Do follow it up to see the kind of dolls she makes and to download the magdalena doll on pdf follow up this link

Enjoy! :)