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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Earring Accessory

Hello, friends! Got to make myself an accessory for myself. its quits simple. Its my first time working with beads on crochet. I did not bad at all. ;-)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Knitted Cowl

Made something for myself this time and its knitted cowl. I used Serenity wool (I hope im right) and its been keeping me warm this winter because of its chuncky size. I'd wanted to make it bigger but my budget was low and I could only afford two balls. Moreover, Hobby Crafts its miles away from where I live so cannot pay regualr visit to the store even if I wanted to :(. It was my first project in the new year after I being discharged from hospital in early January. I was happy to be back home and knitting as well as crocheting. Missed my hobbies :)

The pattern is quite simple. I used garter pattern at both ends and Stockenette stitch in the middle. I also added strings so that you can adjust the cowl to your comfort. I like to have my scarfs very wrapped around my neck at times, so I thought that should come in handy. :)