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Monday, 13 June 2011

Crochetted Large Size Purse

This is the biggest handbag/purse I have ever made. It was really fraustrating because I did not plan this huge project. However musta say it came out not too good. The colours I used were Navy blue and some kind of  pink colour.


I had wanted to make it with only a pink colour yarn. But I'm always changing my mind as my project progresses and I know this happens becase I do not plan it...just plucking the ideas and design from the air.

I thought the size of the bag will end up oversized, but the lady I made this for, thought the size was absolutely perfect! An ideal for her and is the right size to pack stuffs like diappers in it

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My first crocheted skirt :)

Crochetted Waist Skirt

Please follow up this like to purchase your own customised version

Flat Hand bag

I enjoyed making this pattern. I crocheted a rectangular shape and folded it in half and crocheted the sides together. I'll put up the patterns, they're fairly easy to do and I recommend any beginner or crocheter to try  hooking this bag up for a special friend. :)

You can line the insides if prefered but, I strongly advise that you do, if want it to be able to hold things such as books...and chocolates! :-D