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Sunday, 18 September 2011

My first Backpack

I made this backpack last year sometime in the summer. I really enjoyed making it because I was hooking it up at a playground. It did gain attention from some of the kids.

I had many photos of this project but I realised that I delete them off my pc :-(. I'll still try find them and upload them.

I made this advert to make and sell this backpack to raise money for Haiti...Unfortunately, I fell ill and wasn't able to hook much. :-(

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Its been quite sometime I got to make another project. Made this last year and I realised that I haven't showed it off to the world yet, it is! Not too fancy...I wanted to get raid of few yarns and I came up with the idea of making a pretty purse. I did not make it for anyone in particular but now I want to give it away and it needs an owner! Anyways I hope its lovely to both eyes, like it is to mine. :)

 Too sunny in September, but it was a fine weather to take pictures of pretty things such as these! :)

Don't it look soo cute??? I think it does, too!

My images look bright because my camera phone dont take good photos so, I tend to edit my work quite a lot to make up for the original look. It's still a bit too bright as a result because I took it in an open sunny space in the garden. I hope its not too blinding...:-/

Trying to make it look like a 1960's purse. Not too bad, still...