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Project Patterns

Flat Handbag pattern 

Three colour yarns
4mm crochet hook

Multiples of 6 sts + 3 (add 2 for base chain)

Strike double; work dc over ch space by inserting hook into top of the next row below (or base chain)

The original stitch from the book uses the term Strike treble crochet rather than double crochet stitches. So I alternated it to US crochet language. You can use any colour yarn of your choice; just make sure they’re your friend’s favourite colours ;-)

Make sure to change colours as you go on to the next row.

Working 1 row each in colours A, B and C

1st row: Miss 3ch (counts as 1dc). 1dc into each of the next 2ch, *3ch miss 3ch, 1dc into each of the next 3ch; rep from * to end turn.

2nd row: *3ch, miss 3, 1sdc over each of the 3 sts; rep from * to last 3 sts, 2ch, miss 2 sts, sl st into top of ch, turn

3rd row: 3ch (counts as 1Sdc), miss 1 st, 1Sdc over each of the next 2 sts, *3ch, miss 4 sts, 1Sdc over each of the next 3 sts; rep from * to end, turn.

Now, repeat row 2 and 3 to get the desired length you want, making sure to sew in tails.

When done, fold the project in two and sc on the sides of your work.

For closing flap
Sl st onto one side of the opening and work evenly sc sts. Then you can make the flap however you want! Your own personal design…

For the strap, braid the three colour yarns together in preferred length, stitch the ends straps in the insides of your work, very tightly and firmly to secure well. Or you could again design your own strap/handle…anything that works well on your project. Hope you enjoy working at it!

Remember to make one for that special friend of yours!
Please inform me if there’s any error with this pattern

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