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Sunday, 18 September 2011

My first Backpack

I made this backpack last year sometime in the summer. I really enjoyed making it because I was hooking it up at a playground. It did gain attention from some of the kids.

I had many photos of this project but I realised that I delete them off my pc :-(. I'll still try find them and upload them.

I made this advert to make and sell this backpack to raise money for Haiti...Unfortunately, I fell ill and wasn't able to hook much. :-(


  1. Beautiful pink backpack!
    I'm also working on a backpack but it takes time to finish. It will be a birthday gift for my daughter. Soon to be seen on my blog ;-)

  2. It looks lovely. Hope you get better soon, and thanks for joining my followers on Violet-White!


  3. Your backpack it's so beautiful, I like it vey much, I also bought on at best christmas gifts
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